Respects from F.Stokes


During a local music festival that focuses mainly on indie-rock music called ‘Midpoint Music Festival,' I got the chance to DJ for F.Stokes Chicago/NYC.

The story actually begins when I was DJing for a TV talk show hosted by Dhani Jones, called 'In the Zone with Dhani Jones.’ One of the producers noticed he was playing in my town, months earlier. He tells me to go check him out as he’s friends with him.
The day comes & he gives me his number to link up with him before the show. I find out the show is already sold out so I ask to get in on his list. He then tells me that a mutual turntablist DJ, Mr.Dibbs, was to be his DJ for the night. We both find out that he is unable to do it so he asks me to DJ for him!
We get together before the show and go over the playlist & then the magic happened. He’s an excellent artist and totally controlled the crowd. I became a fan & apparently, so did he!